The GeniusLab Studio Started With A Dream

“My first studio session was in San Francisco California in 1976. I was terrified! I was used to the stage but with all the equipment and mics and cords and the producer barking orders, the pressure was incredible! I thought it was going to be fun but ended up with PTSD.” —Toby Christensen

The GeniusLab Studio was constructed in 2010 by Owner Toby Christensen.

His dream was to create a place of comfort and inspiration for people who have the dream of making music.

His goal was to have the technology and engineering capabilities to take a person’s music to the next level of production and quality.

As a Self-Empowerment coach and trainer Toby’s theme in his profession is “Realize Your Greatness.” This is the theme of the GeniusLab Studio as well. You will never hear the words, “Well, I guess it’s good enough” in the studio. It’s always about doing the best you can and being proud of what you have accomplished.

To see the smile on people’s faces when they hear how good they can really sound brings me great joy!

Then we put the magic of technology and masterful engineering into the track and in almost every case the musician is blown away at how good they sound.

Since the founding of the GeniusLab Studio, Toby has worked with many amateurs, helping them to realize their greatness, and several celebs as well. People such as:

Toby has written and produced music for documentary films and the theme song for a children’s TV educational program. He has also co-written songs with musicians around the world.

I am also proud to have CJ Lambert as a partner in this fun adventure The GeniusLab Studio

Chris CJ Lambert In the GeniusLab

CJ Lambert

CJ has spent many years in the music business as a guitarist, producer, and songwriter.  He specializes in helping artists develop songs so they can share their music with the world.  CJ is a songwriter and works with co-writers to provide custom-tailored songs for performing artists.

His promise is “I will ALWAYS bring out the best in you so you will be proud of the end result.”

CJ is a Certified Pro Tools operator and one hell of a producer/engineer and All songs that leave the studio are “radio ready” for distribution.

CJ has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business worldwide, some of them include:

  • Sony Music UK
  • Universal Records
  • Bronson Arroyo: MLB Pitcher turned musician
  • MaKenzie Thomas: The Voice semi-finalist
  • Blessid Union of Souls: Two #1’s and Eight Top 40’s
  • Erwin Musper: Producer / Engineer on over 80 million records sold
  • Samantha Tieger: Recording artist
  • Ed O’Donnell: Emmy winning composer & producer
  • Emosia: Platinum-selling writer & producer

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"I immediately felt at ease."

Dr. Janell Royster“I had the opportunity to visit Toby’s GeniusLab studio in October. I had never been in a studio environment and was very nervous. Walking into his studio and Toby’s easy-going manner, I immediately felt at ease. We went right to work and was willing to print out lyrics, and set up the studio in the way it was comfortable for me. The nerves I felt walking down the stairs turned to excitement.

He has the ability to accentuate your strengths and build on your weaknesses. I highly recommend a visit to the GeniusLab studio! With Toby’s guidance you can find your voice and as he says, realize your greatness!”

—Dr. Janell Royster, Owner, Safe Haven Therapeutic Options, Virginia Beach, Virginia