CJ Lambert in the GeniusLab Studio with Toby Christensen

CJ Is Part Of The Magic

We know that premium gear is nice and definitely part of the magic. But if you don’t have a talented and skilled engineer with an amazing ear, there is no magic. CJ is part of the Magic!

Chris aka CJ Lambert is one of the best producers/engineers I have ever worked with. He has over 20 years of experience with Pro Tools and is a certified operator. This is a very difficult level to achieve. His skills in mixing and mastering are second to none. When you come to the GeniusLab Studio, you will see what I mean.

More Than The Mechanics

Besides knowing the gear like the back of his hand, CJ has a finely tuned ear and a heart of gold. This combination gives him the unique ability to find the best you can be and bring it out and into your music.

The GeniusLab Studio

Making The Magic Happen

When we worked with Gianna she was very nervous. As we worked with her, CJ noticed that she had a great range but tried to sing in a way that diminished her ability to hold a long note on pitch.

We talked for a minute then he gently instructed her how to address the mic in a way that supported her posture and breathing. No autotune was needed after that. This young lady was thrilled as we continued the session and ended up with a great song.

Come And Make Your Own Magic

What is your dream? What is your music magic? Let us help you make your dream come true. Let CJ work his magic for you. Click to schedule your time > Contact