Collaboration With Tita In Mexico in the GeniusLab Studio

Collaboration With Tita In Mexico

Sometimes when I am working on a project I hear a voice in my head and I know exactly what I want to hear. I look and search to find the right voice, and then it comes. This is what happened that lead to the collaboration with Tita in Mexico. This is the voice I have been waiting for! She is perfect for the featured song and video, “We’ll Be Watching You”.

Collaboration With Tita In Mexico in the GeniusLab Studio

Look Who I Found!

My two Final Cycles, partners in crime Norman Vaux II and Chris Parsons live in Mexico. We have all been working together to support the message and mission of

My focus has been on writing and producing music. And lately, I have been wanting to add a female voice to some of our songs.  I have not been successful at finding anyone locally so I was about to give up when Norm and Chris returned from a night on the town and told me about this amazing woman they listened to in one of the local bars.

It turns out Tita is not only an excellent singer but she has a huge and generous heart. She is now helping us bring more life into our music with her beautiful voice!

Thank You, Tita!

And a very special thanks to Rubens Costa Junior for recording Tita and providing musical and technological help to make it happen!