Kam Singh In The GeniusLab With Toby Christensen

Kam Singh In The GeniusLab Studio

A while back we got to have Kam Singh in the GeniusLab Studio. Kam is a banker by day and DJ, musician rapper by night. He was laying some tracks for a song called “OK Boomer” which will be used in the Final Cycles documentary film. We wanted someone fresh and fun so Kam and his brother Spencer came in and really ripped it up!

You Don’t Have To Be A Pro

I work with a lot of people like Kam. Banking is his profession but music is his passion. His profession is stable and pays well which allows Kam to live well and book time in the studio to live his passion. I was working with a doctor from Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, a while back. When he was in medical school he used to play and sing in the local coffee shops. When we talked it had been 25 years since he had played.

His Passion Woke Up In The GeniusLab Studio

He submitted a song for a charity that we partner with, Hear The Hope . The song was great and since that time he has written numerous songs and released an album! Like Kam, he had a profession and a passion. At the GeniusLab Studio, we awaken your passion!

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