Toby Christensen


I started playing drums at the age of five. I have been passionate about music ever since.

Later in life, I took up the guitar, music production, and songwriting. With each new addition of musical expression, I discovered the power of music. I also became aware of its ability to communicate stories and bring healing to the listener.

Healing Drummer

After a trip to West Africa and two decades of work with a tribal elder, I launched I then produced fourteen albums of therapeutic music.

“I believe in the power of music and the impact it has on the human spirit.” —Toby Christensen

So music is far more than just entertainment to me.

As a musician, I am committed to being the best I can be and have aligned myself with a team of world-class players of all genres.

Let’s Connect

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"Better than I ever expected..."

“Toby and I met in Nashville several years ago. We reconnected and started playing some music together. I had an idea for a song, the lyrics were clear but the melody and feeling of the song were not. I sent the lyrics to Toby and the song he created was perfect. The soulfulness and heart in our song, Masquerade, are better than I ever expected.

Toby has a gift of connecting to the energy of a song and bringing the best out in the music. I highly recommend trusting him with your songs.”

—Chad Font, Contractor, Lexington, Tennessee