No Stopping Us In The GeniusLab Studio with Simone Simonton, Toby Christensen and CJ Lambert

In The GeniusLab There is No Stopping Us!

Dring the COVID Pandemic shut down things were hard. We could not visit, go out to eat, or listen to live music. It sucked…For everyone! But there is no stopping us here in the GeniusLab Studio.

Documentary Song

I was working with writing songs for a documentary right when the shutdown happened. I was bummed because everything came to a screeching halt. Then I got an idea. I wonder if we, the musicians working on the soundtrack could record a song from our respective locations?

No Stopping Us

I Called Simone

Simone Simonton is a multi-platinum songwriter and musician. She is also one of the nicest people on the planet. So I called her to see if she would be up for a long-distance recording session. As I expected, she was ready and willing to jump right in! We were working on the project together and decided it would be fun to do one of the songs from that project. We figured it would bring a few smiles to the crew since they were completely shut down.

No Stopping Us in the GeniusLab Studio

Then I called CJ Lambert

Another amazing light in the world is CJ Lambert. CJ is an amazing session guitar player and one of the best music producers in the country! He was also ready to take on the project. I sent everyone the version of the song I wanted to do and got the thumbs up. We were not about to let COVID steal our sunshine.

It didn’t come out perfect, but this was our first time at such a feat. Simone was in Florida, I was in Cincinnati, Ohio and CJ was in Loveland, Ohio. This is the video we made, Enjoy!