Welcome To The GeniusLab Studio With Toby Christensen


Premium gear, professional team, and an inspiring environment:

  • Recording gear from AVID Pro Tools, Universal Audio, Focusrite, A R T
  • Monitors by Avantone, Yamaha, and JBL
  • Microphones include Neumann, Audio-Technica, Sure, AKG, Rode, WARM, and more


Cutting-edge techniques and technology to take your talent and creativity to the next level. Musical gear available from the best of the best:

  • Guitars from Martin, Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Gretsch, Takamine, and Agile
  • Basses by Epiphone, Spector, and Washburn
  • Ukuleles hand made by Kamaka and Kamoa
  • Vintage Ludwig drums
  • LP Matador Congas and bongos
  • Hand made Didgeridoos
  • A variety of Native Flutes

Mixing and Mastering

Our Pro Tools Certified engineer, CJ Lambert, is precise, articulate, and masterful at taking your work to an amazing level of perfection and expression.

CJ has worked with hundreds of artists and businesses including:

  • Sony Music Group
  • Universal Records
  • Bronson Arroyo, MLB Pitcher turned musician
  • MaKenzie Thomas, The Voice semi-finalist
  • Blessid Union of Souls, with two #1’s and Eight Top ’40s
  • Erwin Musper, producer/engineer on over 80 million records sold
  • Samantha Tieger, recording artist
  • Ed O’Donnell, Emmy winning composer and producer

We are so fortunate to have CJ as part of the team.

And one more thing: In the GeniusLab, we hand mix and master. We DO NOT use the “wham, bam, thank you, mam” auto-mastering programs.

Let’s Talk

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"Fun, highly energized, inspirational..."

Norman Vaux“As executive director of the non profit NGO FinalCycles.org, I know that impactful messaging is critical to accomplishing our mission. Working with Toby and The GeniusLab Studio has been not only a fun, highly energized, inspirational experience but has also taken the visibility of our projects to a whole new level.

To date, Toby has co-written and produced 14 songs focused on the global plastic waste crisis that is being incorporated into a musical documentary for an international audience. He has also created the theme song for a children’s educational TV series about the consequences of mismanaged plastic waste on the biosphere. His ability to develop an overall concept and then create music that communicates with accuracy, emotion, and clarity demonstrates his remarkable skill set.

On several occasions, I sent a series of random thoughts and in no time a powerful song was delivered far exceeding my expectations. We are grateful for the contribution of talent and creativity that Toby and The GeniusLab Studio team have provided Final Cycles.

Toby is a masterful creator with the utmost integrity and is a pleasure to work with. He and his organization receive my highest recommendation.”

—Norman E. Vaux, II, Co-founder & Director of Research, Final Cycles NGO