Record Your Song In The GeniusLab Studio with Toby Christensen

You Should Record Your Song In The GeniusLab Studio

Do you have a song you have been wanting to record? Record Your Song In The GeniusLab Studio! I have produced songs that children have played or sung for their grandparents, moms, and dads. I have produced songs for bands and individual artists. Whatever your situation, Record Your Song In The GeniusLab Studio.

Spencer Singh In The GeniusLab With Toby Christensen

Great Vibe In The GeniusLab Studio

The GeniusLab was absolutely awesome! Toby had the highest quality equipment and helped us through everything. I can’t wait to come back and make some more music in the lab!!  Spencer Singh, Investment Banker, Cleveland Ohio 

This is a quote from one of the clients that came down from Cleavland to record a song. He is a vocalist so between me and CJ we constructed a music track then once we had that down Spencer came in and laid the vocal tracks. Fun, no pressure and we have lots of options to make you sound your best!

Record Your Song In The GeniusLab Studio with Toby Christensen

All You Need Is An Idea Or A Story

“Toby and I met in Nashville several years ago. We reconnected and started playing some music together. I had an idea for a song, the lyrics were clear but the melody and feeling of the song were not. I sent the lyrics to Toby and the song he created was perfect. The soulfulness and heart in our song, Masquerade, are better than I ever expected. Toby has a gift of connecting to the energy of a song and bringing the best out in the music. I highly recommend trusting him with your songs.” Chad Font, Contractor — Lexington, Tennessee

When You Are Ready To Record Your Song

Get in touch and let’s bring the best out in you. I look forward to hearing your song and seeing if we are a match! Click HERE to connect!