Ics are part of the magic in the GeniusLab Studio

What Counts? The Gear is Just One Part of the Magic

Good microphones are important. But the one thing about good equipment is they bring out the true you. Sometimes that can be a big surprise. I remember the first time I sang through a high-quality mic. My voice sounded terrible. On one hand, I was shocked and a bit pissed off. then I realized the better the equipment the more accurate the recording so I took some voice lessons and the mic became my friend. So the gear is just one part of the magic.

Outboard Gear

As I was getting ready to open the GeniusLab Studio I looked at other studios in the area. I was intimidated by their racks of outboard gear. It looked so impressive. Then in a conversation with my engineer, CJ Lambert, he started laughing and said open up your Universal Audio files you have all that gear at your fingertips and didn’t have to spend a million dollars. I then realized

Guitars at the Geniuslab Studio Toby Christensen

Good Instruments Make A Big Difference

One place to put your money is in good instruments. They stay in tune, they sound good naturally so require less post-production manipulation. In the GeniusLab Studio, we like to make music the old fashion way. Talent, skill, and real instruments. We try to use a minimal amount of digital modification. Sometimes you have to tweak the sound but there is nothing better than good solid organic resinence. That’s why we have good gear for you to use.

Amps in the GeniusLab Studio with Toby Christensen

Boutique Amps In The GeniusLab Studio

Although we have an amazing digital reproduction ability with our plugins, but nothing is like the real deal. We have a Fender Super Champ XD, a vintage 1960’s Fender Bassman Blackface, a VOX AC30 Half Stack, and a modified Jet City JCA20H by Soldano. We also have a variety of speaker cabinets featuring Celestion Alnico Blues, Greenbacks, Vintage 30’s and Vintage Fender, and Hartke. The amps and speakers can be mixed and matched for the perfect sound. And for an extra boost, we have a large selection of pedals.

You Just Need The Right Stuff

We are a small boutique studio with the right gear to match our desired client. We have a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere and a talented friendly staff and look forward to exceeding your expectations and taking your music to the next level!

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