This Is How A Song Develops In The GeniusLab Studio

Have you ever wondered how a song starts and then the changes it goes through to come out sounding so good? This Is How A Song Develops In The GeniusLab Studio. We start with what we call a scratch track. This is typically an acoustic guitar and lead vocal line. Here is Bronson Arroyo in the GeniusLab Studio singing his song “Be You” which he donated to help  in the background you will see CJ Lambert (Left) and Eliot Sloan, lead singer for Blessid Union Of Souls and multi-platinum songwriter. They are listening to what the song can become.

Adding The Layers

Once we have the structure of the song we start laying the main tracks. Then the layer of guitar, drums, percussion, vocals. It can be a very simple process and it can be grueling. Sometimes you get at one take wonder and sometimes it is 20 takes.

Bronson Arroyo and Eliot Sloan in the GeniusLab Studio

Changing The Structure

In this case, the song needed a bridge. CJ, Bronson, and Eliot started moving words around and figuring out the best place for the kids to sing, after all this is a song that is making dreams come true for two kids who have been in a very tough situation. Their mother just finished cancer treatment and when we talked to the family it was clear we had a good match to make their music dream come true.

Making The Music

Here is how the song ended up with Gianna and Gavin Trebbi singing with Bronson and Eliot in a real pro studio! Gaven showed up with a Bronson Arroyo baseball card and asked for an autograph which Bronson was happy to accommodate. Their faces were beaming and the project was a huge success. Here is the song, ENJOY!

This Is How A Song Develops In The GeniusLab Studio

CLICK HERE to hear a sample of the completed song!

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