Your theme song in the GeniusLab Studio with Toby Christensen

What Is Your Theme Song?

When you hear the theme from Rocky, you know instantly without any visual what the movie is on. Same with Batman, Friends, The Nightly News, it goes on and on. Even though these examples are very old, many of you can remember. This is the power of a well done piece of music! What is YOUR theme song?

So what is your theme song and how does it grab your listeners?

The Power Of Music

Nearly everyone can agree that the power of music is undeniable; it can bring people together, aid the development of the brain, and act as an antidepressant. But what is most fascinating is how music can bring back memories from the past as if they happened only yesterday.

We’ve all had instances where we’re driving in the car and suddenly music from a specific time in our life starts playing. We are instinctively pulled back to the time and place we associate that song with, and the exact emotions and surroundings it brought. Maybe science hasn’t figured out time travel yet, but listening to ‘that music’ comes very close.

What is your theme song in the genius lab with Toby Christensen

Impact Your Audience

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? You keep playing it over and over? You can’t make it stop. This is the impact of a good theme song/jingle. It doesn’t even have to be a full song, a thirty-second intro/outro on your podcast can keep people coming back!

Podcast- YouTube Channel- Website

Once you have your theme song dialed in and produced it can be used for many purposes. It can be the intro/outro of your podcast, it can be in the background of your youtube videos and featured on your website! As a songwriter and producer, I have had the pleasure of helping people solidify their brands and create a unique identity through music.

what is your theme song In The GeniusLab with Toby Christensen

Are You Ready To Shine?

If you are ready to set yourself apart and really stand out in your field. Contact me and let’s get to work on creating the most amazing marketing tool you will ever have! Let’s produce your theme song.

Contact me here > Contact and we will get you on the schedule.

Timeframe for a short “Jingle” style song is 3-5 days and the cost is $600-$1250 depending on the complexity of the song and outside resourses required. Call me and we can talk. I will work with your schedule and budget as much as I can.