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Your PowerSong

What is Your PowerSong? It is an anthem, fight song, and affirmation-loaded rocket to your most ideal life.

The power of music is amazing. You can be down and out and having the worst day of your life. Suddenly a song comes on the radio and you are smiling and feeling amazing!

Think of a song about you. Yes, YOU. A song about you living the life you desire. Living where you want to live with who you want to live with. The perfect vocation, house, friends, and family.

The Power Of Positive Focus Your PowerSong In The GeniusLab

The Power Of Positive Focus

To create your PowerSong you and I work together to determine the aspects of your ideal life. We write them down along with affirmations of hope and the manifestation of your dream. Once we write them down we work on what genre of music the song will be. Rock, blues, country, pop, folk, world, and so on. Then things really start to cook. After our information gathering session, I go to work and create Your PowerSong. I write and record it and send it to you in two forms. One is the song with me singing it. The other is the song with no lead vocals. This is just the music track so you become the singer.

What Is Your PowerSong In The GeniusLab Studio

Activate The Transformation To Realize Your Greatness

As you sing Your PowerSong two things happen, actually three. One, you focus on what you want to create with heart, soul, and passion as you sing the words. Secondly, the vibration of the music aligns your energy with the manifestation message and thirdly you are proclaiming to the Univers what you are worthy of!

This is the most powerful tool I have ever experienced. I am building a new song with some ridiculously AWESOME desires. Can’t wait to see what happens.

Ready For Your PowerSong?

Contact me and let’s get you booked in and rolling on creating your ideal life and singing your dreams into being! 

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